Every Child in Africa in a healthy family



TAWO is a network in Africa, rooted in Biblical principles. We are collaborating to see every child in Africa growing up in a healthy Christian family.

Our mission is to :

  • Engage the church and build strategic partnership with churches across all dominations
  • Raise awareness about the state of orphans, foster care and adoption
  • Equip members to provide the best care for children at risk
  • Connect Government, church and community to make a greater impact and see lasting solutions
  • Build partnerships and collaboration between NGO’s with good practice models

We believe that everything is better, when done together.



COLLECTIVE VOICE - Together we are stronger. When our voices are combined, we are louder! Where there is unity, God commands His blessing.

EFFECT LASTING CHANGE - See REAL change on ground level

DIGNITY FOR CHILDREN - Restore the way we view our children. They are worthy of the BEST!

CAPACITY BUILDING- Change the image of Africa as we grow in excellence. 



TAWO operates with a Board of Directors, a Managing Director with a team of Divisional Co-ordinators. Members are invited to form part of any of the operational divisions.

Organization and individuals can obtain membership to TAWO at a nominal annual fee.  

An advisory board will also be formed in 2015 to act as consultants to the board of directors. This board will act as consultants and will provide support wrt linking to international partners (especially WWO), fund raising and experience sharing. The board of directors will invite specific individuals to serve on this advisory board.

An African leadership council will also be formed in 2015 as a consultant council to the Board. This council will have representation from South Africa as well as other African countries. The goal of this board is to ensure a strong African representation and to provide a platform for input from Africa for Africa. 


TAWO is led by Pastor Billiance Chondwe who acts as the CEO.